Dr. K leads people to the core of the wonder within them and helps them believe in the opportunities open to them ahead. He offers keynotes on a number of emotional health topics that resonate with the high achievers in any audience because the time for emotional and mental health is now. 

Dr. K’s Speaking Topics

Dr. K will customize his speech to your conference theme or combine topics for a personalized and inspiring talk to meet your needs and objectives so you can choose from this list or HAVE A CONVERSATION and determine what’s best.

  • Burnout. It’s not just for leaders any more
  • The Origins of Beliefs and Fears
  • How to Prevent and Recover from Burnout
  • Discovering Your Superpower
  • Expectations vs. Standards – The Key to Joy
  • Habit Formation and Routines
  • Visualization – Your Superpower to a New Future
  • Emotionally Healthy Communication – Treating Others How They Want to Be Treated
  • Dealing with Unsupportive Friends and Family
  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Home, at Work, and with Yourself
  • Feed Your Brain Right
  • Emotionally Healthy (Romantic) Relationships
  • Boost Your Energy and Emotional Health with Sleep
  • Giving Yourself Credit

Dr. K has spoken to these organizations:

Five Pillars of Emotional Health

End Burnout. Master Your Emotional Health.

Dr. K helps high-achieving entrepreneurs and professionals master the Five Pillars of Emotional Health


Nutrition fuels both your mind and your body. Feel, think and be your best when your body is at optimal function and performance.


Unleash your ideal self! Your thoughts dictate your reality so let’s reframe your thoughts.


Great sleep is a prerequisite for balanced health. Learn how to optimize it in your busy life.


Connect powerfully with those who matter by creating relationships that serve you and eliminating those that do not.

Body Movement

A body in motion creates positive emotions. Shift your mood and overall physiology with increased blood flow through your body and to your mind.


Join a private community of high-achievers committed to the betterment of their emotional health. Get your questions answered with ongoing group coaching from Dr. K, or join us for an upcoming event.

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Dr. K’s content has been incredibly helpful and valuable to me especially at times of overwhelm and admittedly times of anxiety. I turn to Dr. K’s course “I Believe in Your Greatness” for clear thought and mediation. I turn to Dr. K’s motivational speeches to pump me up.
There is so much supporting medical information delivered in a way that I can understand and appreciate. I am a huge supporter of what Dr. Karthik Ramanan is doing for me, I know you will find the same support and value in any content that he offers.
Keith Williams

Dr. K has the gift of accurately seeing and speaking to the everyday challenges that many of us are trying to navigate while accomplishing our goals. He artfully balances providing practical and effective tips while also instilling a sense of confidence and hope. I’m so grateful for his work and his message.
Nekole Eaton

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