Even in the most emotionally healthy environments, traditional methods of improving mental health in the workplace fail to improve employee emotional well-being for a significant amount of time.

How effective, after all, is a pamphlet on the table of the break room? How useful is a vague offer to connect an employee with a therapist, one who may or may not be in-network, or available to take long-term clients? How comprehensive is the 20-minute corporate buzz-worded mental health training video module?

Here is a benefit program that can really benefit you, your employees, and your business by boosting morale, increasing productivity, and encouraging participation. 

Download a case study below to see how one organization has been impacted by Dr. K’s Emotionally Healthy Company™️ program, Access sample programs and pricing, or CONNECT WITH DR. K >


Dr. K’s Emotionally Healthy Company™️ programming guides employees at all levels of the organization on their path to greater success.

Dr. K leads people to the core of the wonder within and helps them believe in the opportunities ahead. From vulnerabilities to victories, EHC™️ can help you share in a trusting, collaborative relationship within your workplace—and beyond it. With consistent support towards confidence and self-worth, Dr. K’s clients learn to maintain motivation through periods of doubt. CONNECT WITH DR. K >

HIPAA  considerations can make assessing mental health benefit programs difficult as those focused on mental health often address diagnoses of individuals. By contrast, Dr. K’s Emotionally Healthy Company™️ program treats the cause by teaching individuals at all levels of the company to establish personal and professional environments that foster unshakeable emotional health.

From nutrition to relationships and even steps to overcome trouble with sleeping, Dr. K helps teams shift their self-talk and doubt to a more positive mindset, helping to improve morale, productivity, and engaged participation. 

Emotionally healthy employees tend to be happy employees…and happy employees take action on things that matter—both at home and at work.

A culture of care (and self-care) starts at the top and we recommend one-to-one coaching for owners and/or the executive team as it sets an example for other employees while fostering a community that values improvement.

Guided reasoning, compassionate discussion, and actionable pathways forward help you shift your mindset. Dr. K is with you every step of the way as you master the strengths of your optimized self.

Emotional Health Mastery™

with Dr. K

Business owners and members of executive teams who receive one-to-one coaching with Dr. K set an example for their organization. Show your team that your community values improvement, because high morale goes hand-in-hand with high productivity and engagement. LEARN MORE >

Dr K One on One Coaching

In-Office Workshops

with Dr. K

All levels of staff can participate in regular group workshops. By collaborating in an amicable environment as we work through, around, and beyond life’s hurdles, the group as a whole benefits from a stronger community. SEE WORKSHOP TOPICS >

Insiders Club

with Dr. K

Your program can include Insiders Club membership for all employees, earning everyone at the office access to a plethora of online resources: video presentations, downloadable worksheets, activities, checklists, and more. The Insiders Club is invited to each of Dr. K’s online workshops, which are offered throughout the year and cover a myriad of emotional health-based topics.

Enjoy access to the entire library of Dr. K’s courses, including Supporting Self, Good Mood Plant Food, Loving Me; Loving You, Crush Imposter Syndrome, Conquer Comparison, and Rescuing Rest. Insiders Club members can attend monthly Insiders-Only live streams with Dr. K and get 20% off all professional-grade supplements at FullScript.

Find out if the Emotionally Healthy Company™️ benefit program is a good fit for you.

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Our emotional health has never been taxed as heavily as it is today and your employees are under more personal stress than ever before. That bleeds over into the workplace.

This program is designed to support both your employees (and you!) with customized workshops, education, or 1:1 coaching sessions, as needed to foster greater emotional wellness and high morale as well as increased productivity. VIEW SAMPLE PACKAGES AND PRICING >

Learn more about how the Emotionally Healthy Company™️ program reaches beyond the walls of the workplace by downloading this case study.

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