Emotionally Healthy Entrepreneur™️


Entrepreneurs face a unique array of challenges when it comes to mindset. Stress, fear, and overwhelm are only some of the blocks that build to burnout, which is all too common among this group of high achievers. You don’t have to live with burnout. You deserve to reclaim your energy and passion for life. CURE BURNOUT NOW >

Your Time is Now

Replace questions, doubt, and fear with hope, optimism, and anticipation of what’s to come.

Dr. K will help guide you to the life you deserve to live in a safe and supportive space to work through what’s holding you back.

This private coaching for entrepreneurs experience pinpoints focus on the exact challenges you’re facing in your life and supports you on a weekly basis. Commit to your growth at the highest level with this six-month program.

Emotional Health Mastery™

with Dr. K

One-to-one coaching, tailored to your emotional needs, offers the support and guidance to end burnout, help you overcome your obstacles and pursue the upward trajectory of the emotionally healthy life you desire.

The six-month program includes:

  • Direct Daily Access to Dr. K via private chat messenger
  • Weekly 45-Minute Sessions over video conferencing for consistent growth
  • Accountability and Support directly from Dr. K in between sessions
  • Tailored Assignments to turn your pain into opportunity
  • Master Your Emotional Health with the 5 Pillars of Emotional Health: Establish Psychology, Relationships, Nutrition, Sleep, Body Movement

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with Dr. K to learn more about Emotional Health Mastery™️

Insiders Club

with Dr. K

The opportunities to improve your life come in many forms and the Insiders Club is an affordable option for consistent and sustainable emotional support. Insiders gain access to Dr. K’s full library of multimedia resources as well as entry to all live workshops at no extra charge.


Dr. K workshops


with Dr. K

Dr. K’s workshops are for when you are ready to embrace the life you want and turn it into the life you will have. Live online group meetings offer a safe environment for optimum success where you can meet other growth seekers as you learn to become your ideal self. Workshops are included with Insiders Club membership.


Begin on your pathway out of the depths of negative thinking and toward new peaks of achievable change with the use of Dr. K’s daily journal.

Download yours and begin new behaviors today.

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