Insiders Club Courses and Community

Stop Chasing Joy.

Begin Living in Wonder.

If you are a high achiever who feels something is missing…perhaps you are struggling with doubt or unrest…unearth the possibilities and pursue them as a member of our Insiders Club.

With the Insiders Club, you can learn alongside a community of high-achievers working toward their well-being goals. You’ll benefit from Dr. K’s entire online library of resources created for growth-seekers.

As an insider, you will join the many people choosing to meet, learn, and become their ideal selves. Insiders Club membership includes a seat at every workshop offered during the tenure of your membership.

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The Insiders Club with Dr. K is an exclusive community of high achievers committed to building unshakeable emotional health. Benefit from Dr. K’s entire online library of resources along with inclusion in every workshop offered during your membership. Insiders Access Includes:

  • ALL live workshops with Dr. K while you’re a member
  • The ENTIRE library of Dr. K’s emotional health online courses, including: Supporting Self, Good Mood Plant Food, Loving Me; Loving You, Crush Impostor Syndrome, Conquer Comparison, Rescuing Rest, and New Additions!
  • Private community of Insiders
  • Monthly Insiders-Only live streams with Dr. K
  • 20% off all professional-grade supplements at FullScript
  • Priority support


Insiders Club Emotional Health Workshops: Group Coaching

with Dr. K

Live group coaching sessions throughout the year help you conquer challenges in your life, regardless of industry or background. Join these one-hour live community sessions and gain access to individualized hot seat coaching with Dr. K, video lessons, and downloadable worksheets that help you navigate toward immediate success. You can also view recordings of Dr. K’s live workshops and follow along with Dr. K’s corresponding online courses for self-study.

Priority Access to Dr. K

It’s frustrating getting your health questions answered. As an Insider, you’ll get priority access to me, so that we can have the conversations you need to build the health and the life you deserve. 

EXCLUSIVE Insiders Events with Dr. K

Our environment dictates our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings more than any other factor. Join a private community of other high-achievers committed to our emotional health. Get your questions answered and get ongoing group coaching from Dr. K

The Insiders Club has been incredibly helpful and valuable to me...

Emotional Health Mastery™
One-to-One Coaching

with Dr. K

Master your emotional health by working with Dr. K One-to-One.   You’ll be supported on a weekly basis as you navigate beyond the depths of negative thinking and toward new peaks of achievable change.

People who engage with Dr. K learn how to master their emotional health throughout their lives: relationships with loved ones, sleep cycles, nutrition, conflict resolution behaviors, and beyond.

Commit to your growth at the highest level with this six-month program that comes with all access to the Insiders Club Courses and Community.

This private coaching experience pinpoints the exact challenges you’re facing in your life and supports you on a weekly basis.


If you can benefit, maybe your organization can, too.

Speaking of benefits…this is an employee benefit program you will value!

Dr. K helps high-achieving entrepreneurs and professionals end burnout and master the five pillars of emotional health.

Businesses with emotional health mastery, at all levels of the organization, are healthier in many ways: at-work and at-home relationships thrive, feelings of well-being abound, and your j-o-b brings j-o-y.

If you would like the Emotionally Healthy Company™️ in your workplace, share the link below with your employer or INTRODUCE DR. K to the people who can make it happen.

Advice is always at your fingertips. It’s time to conquer comparison and seek support.

You are one decision away from a purpose-driven life. Let the light of your reflection help guide you to ultimate happiness; download the journal Dr. K developed for his own use (and yours!) today.

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