Who is Dr. K ?

First, he sought to conquer deep-seated emotional unrest using a myriad of diverse coping mechanisms. Next, he became a doctor, ready to help others using the tools he discovered in his own life and studies. At the crossroads of compassion and science is Dr. K. See beyond the burnout, exhaustion, and frustration of your current life and look towards a future of optimum selfhood.

Who do you want to be?

Meet Dr. K :

Naturopathic Doctor, Emotional Health Expert, and Life Coach

Dr. K understands what it’s like to feel the burdens of poor emotional well-being: low self-esteem, enduring stress, and a constant fear of failure. He was stranded in a body he didn’t like, stuck in relationships that did not serve him, and left alone with the voice of intense self-criticism in his head. He broke free.

Dr. K’s journey led him to leave his career on Wall Street, go back to medical school, and become a certified naturopathic physician. He has reinvented himself through the power of emotional well-being by finding the wonder within himself. Now, he guides high achievers on their pathway out of the depths of negative thinking and toward new peaks of achievable change.

DR K. About

Dr. K holds degrees from Cornell University (BS in Biological Sciences and BS in Applied Economics and Management, 2005) and the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, 2017).

Dr. K has already helped hundreds of people reverse chronic stress, end burnout, and embody the life they deserve to live. Now, he can help you pursue the upward trajectory of an emotionally healthy life. It’s time to stop chasing joy and start living in it.

Dr. K is a Life Coach, a Health Coach, and an Executive Coach, all in one.  While working with him, I have lost weight, grown my business exponentially, and improved my mood, which has only enhanced my relationships. I encourage any high achiever wanting to stop chasing recognition and feel worthy as they move toward who they want to be, to begin working with Dr. K. I’m finding joy in the everyday now.

I have followed Dr K over a year through his videos, guided meditation, and a visualization course.  I was drawn to his videos based on wanting to unlock my full potential.  One of my biggest road blocks was related to anxiety and through Dr. K’s content I have been enabled to manage or re-mediate the anxiety to improve my life.   Dr. K addresses items like anxiety and self doubt in a holistic approach that integrates mental and physical health.
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Dr. K can help you see beyond the burnout, exhaustion or frustration you experience now and open your eyes to a world of wonder you may not know even exists. 

What will you find on the other side?

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