Entrepreneur Emotional Support Program

If you’re an entrepreneur, I’ll bet you’re busy. Perhaps you have been too busy to prioritize YOU! If so, you’re in the right place!

It’s difficult to set aside time for your own well-being and growth, but Dr. K’s Entrepreneur Emotional Support Program (EESP) gives you structure, accountability and more, allowing you to reconnect with yourself, connect with others facing similar challenges, and take a moment each week to exhale.

The Entrepreneur Emotional Support Program is for you if you want to:

  • Develop a toolbox of skills to conquer overwhelm, manage stress, and prevent burnout
  • Learn how to handle frustration with family, business partners, and employees in an emotionally healthy way.
  • Learn how to build your emotional intelligence and resilience with a toolbox of skills that helps you feel supported every week.
  • Learn alongside (and from) other business owners on the path to emotional health. it’s like a guided emotional health mastermind with other growth seekers!
  • Every business owner deals with self-criticism and many experience some degree of imposter syndrome.

Your business will go only as far as those emotional challenges will allow you.

It’s lonely being a business owner!

Often, your family and friends don’t understand the sacrifices and stressors you go through, your employees can’t be your therapist, and you can rarely talk to your spouse about them because they hear it all the time.

Imagine building your emotional resilience, getting out of your own way, and finding some inner peace.

Get your life back! All of it—Your professional and personal.

What’s Included in the Entrepreneur Emotional Support Program?

Private Emotional Health Strategy Session with Dr. K

When you first join the program, you will schedule a 30-minute emotional health strategy session with Dr. K. During this time, you will get to discuss your challenges and goals, and Dr. K will create an action plan with you to get started on your journey.

Weekly Ask Dr. K Anything

Private group coaching sessions feature a specific focus each week and provide the opportunity for open Q&A from the group members.

Private Community

Only for EESP members, this private community is like a private Facebook group, providing direct access to Dr. K between calls.

Video Library

Dr. K’s emotional health video modules are specifically tailored to business owners’ challenges, and more resources are regularly added.

Insiders Club Access

As an EESP member entrepreneur, you gain access to all the self-directed emotional health courses that are included in Dr. K’s Insiders Club. Courses like: Crush Imposter Syndrome, Good Mood Plant Food, Loving Me Loving You and more!

Wondering if the Entrepreneur Emotional Support Program is for you?

See what these members of the community have to say about EESP.

April Browne

Retirement Strategist
Zelken Financial Services

Laura Granato

Fractional Chief Operating Officer

Scott Walker

Digital Marketing Manager
Impact Leyton SEO

As parents, we’re a lot harder on ourselves than we should be. I’d be lying to myself if that didn’t bleed over into my business. I blamed myself for a lot of my daughter’s struggles. But now I can recognize the good and the bad, whereas in the past I could only focus on the bad. I now know I’m a good mom, and my relationship with them has improved as a result of this work.

Laura P

People are noticing the changes in me even though they had no idea I was getting your coaching. That’s how I know this is working. And it’s everyone: my team, my family, my friends. I’ve gotten a number of compliments that I’m different, more in tune with myself, calmer, more present, and more pleasant to be around.

Chris S

I’ve learned how to prioritize my feelings in the moment. When it’s time to be a mom, I’m a mom. When it’s time to answer a call from my client, I do that, or I’m actually ok letting it just go to voicemail now. I derived too much of my self-worth from being a business owner and didn’t give myself enough credit for the other aspects of my life. I was about to walk out on my husband and kids, my business… and I’m so glad I started working with you instead, because now I get to enjoy helping my kids become the best versions of themselves, being with my husband and not talking work all the time, and making time for the efforts that matter to me in life.

Stephanie M

Begin on your pathway out of the depths of negative thinking and toward new peaks of achievable change with the use of Dr. K’s daily journal.

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