Four Ways Dr. K Supports Your Emotional Health:

  • Emotional Health Mastery One-to-One Coaching
  • Insiders Club with Dr. K - Ongoing Workshops and Group Coaching
  • Individual Online Workshops
  • The Emotionally Healthy Company - Emotional Health Benefit Program

Emotional Health Mastery

One-to-One Coaching with Dr. K

If you're committed to your growth at the highest level, this is the program for you. Dr. K's Emotional Health Mastery is a six-month program to pinpoint focus on the exact challenges you're facing in your life.

The six-month program includes:

Direct Daily Access to Dr. K

via private chat messenger.

Weekly 30-Minute Sessions

over video conferencing for consistent growth

Accountability and Support

directly from Dr. K in between sessions

Tailored Assignments

to turn your pain into opportunity

Master Your Emotional Health

Establish Psychology, Relationships, Nutrition, Sleep, Body Movement

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Insiders Club with Dr. K

Join ALL of Dr. K's Online Group Workshops

The Insiders Club with Dr. K is an exclusive community of high-achievers committed to building unshakeable emotional health.

Insiders Benefit From:

Join ALL of Dr. K's Online Workshops

Whether it's Crush Impostor Syndrome, Good Mood Plant Food, or Supporting The Self, join all of Dr. K's live workshops for one monthly price.

Access ALL of Dr. K's Emotional Health Courses 

As the video content library grows, you'll get access at no extra charge

Exclusive Insiders Events with Dr. K

Get your questions answered along with opportunities for individualized coaching with the group.

A Community That Believes In Your Greatness

Our environment dictates our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings more than any other factor. Join a private community of other high achievers committed to our emotional health.

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Emotional Health Workshops with Dr. K

Multi-Week Live Workshops to Help You Conquer Your Challenges

Dr. K's emotional health workshops range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks and occur throughout the year.

Each workshop includes:

  • Weekly live one-hour community sessions with Dr. K - rescue your rest along side other high-achievers. Opportunities for live 1-to-1 consults during community sessions!
  • Access to the Rescue Rest online course which contains video lessons to teach foundational principles of emotional health and strategies to conquer comparison.
  • Downloadable worksheets with actionable exercises to be completed between live sessions.
  • Accountability to keep you on track with your goals

Learn more about each workshop below.

Rescuing Rest: Sleep Better. Live Better. (Summer 2021)
Supporting the Self: Comprehensive guide to emotional health (Fall 2021)
End Self-Criticism: Tired of being your own worst enemy? (Winter 2022)
Good Mood Plant Food: Eating Your Feelings? (Winter 2022)
Loving Me; Loving You: Does Your Love Life need a Spark? (Spring 2022)
Crush Imposter Syndrome: Stop Doubting Yourself (Spring 2022)
Conquer Comparison: Stop Scrolling and Start Living (Spring 2022)

The Emotionally Healthy Company

Emotional Health Benefit Program

Your employees are under more personal stress than ever before. Our emotional health has never been taxed as heavily as it is today. That bleeds over into the workplace.

Most benefit programs focused on mental health address diagnoses of  individuals. Assessing such programs can be difficult because of HIPAA considerations.

By contrast, Dr. K's Emotionally Healthy Company program treats the cause by teaching individuals at all levels of the company to establish personal and professional environments that foster unshakeable emotional health.

Program Includes Any of the Following Services:

Emotional Health Mastery

one-to-one coaching for the owners and/or executive team.

In-Office Workshops with Dr. K

with instruction and exercises to implement the habits of emotional health.

Insiders Club with Dr. K

membership access for all employees - ongoing online workshops and live group coaching with Dr. K

Schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. K to discuss whether The Emotionally Healthy Company benefit program is a good fit for you.

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