A Message of Hope from Dr. K

Apr 23, 2020

What’s the ONE thing that gives you unlimited power despite the odds against you. It is the ONE thing you CAN control right now? No matter what goes on out there, it’s the ONE thing they CANNOT take away from you. 

It’s HOPE. In this post, I’m going to motivate you to rebuild your hope so that you are unstoppable.

Right now, the world is in a state of stress. Many are dealing with anxiety over their health, anxiety over their finances. Many are stressed by social isolation. Many are stressed out and can’t even point to the reason. Why on earth would anyone be hopeful right now?

As it pertains to hope, the first thing we must recognize is that it is not based in rational thought. No, hope is an emotion, and we may justify it with rational thought, but it is still purely an emotion. An emotion can exist without a rational basis. Have you ever freaked out about a situation, and when you try to tell yourself that it’s actually not a big deal, you can’t stop the emotional storm? Emotions are independent of rational thinking.

Therefore, hope is independent of rational thinking. You can be hopeful for no good reason at all!

Every day, there are over 16,000 car accidents in the United States. Some of those are fatal. Yet, we don’t think twice before getting in the car. Why is that? It’s because we have hope. It is the belief that we will be ok despite the odds of what is happening around us. Where does that come from? It is built into the human spirit. Hope doesn’t need to be manufactured. It is within your capability to feel.

Right now the odds may be stacked against you. You may feel as though you are crumbling. My friend, take a moment to reflect on the past challenges you have faced in your life. What have you been put up against? Both as an adult and as a child. What tragedies have you had to overcome? What pitfalls and stumbling blocks have you had to fight and claw through? And yet you have made it here, to this moment right now. You are undefeated.

Wherever you focus your attention, THAT is your reality. If you focus your attention towards things that make you feel hopeless, you will feel broken. However, when you focus on who you truly are, that undefeated powerful human being, THAT becomes your reality. We are the average of the five people and ideas we spend the most time with. So be ruthless with who and what gets your time and attention. If you want to live in a reality of hope, spend time with hopeful people, consume content that fosters and feeds that positive view.

And you might be saying right now, “Dr. K but the world is so bleak right now”, and maybe you’re right. But if you choose to focus on that, you will NEVER see the opportunities that may be right under your nose. How many times in your life have you gone through a tragedy, come out the other side, and realized it was a blessing in disguise? This moment can be as well, if you CHOOSE to make that your reality.

The bottom line is this my friend. We’ve been raised to think that we have to see it to believe it. Quite the contrary. We have to BELIEVE it to SEE it. I repeat. We have to BELIEVE it to SEE it. That’s why everyone only spreads the news articles and points of view that they agree with, because that’s their reality based on their past experiences and present beliefs. They actually can’t SEE another point of view, so everyone argues and nobody wins. We only SEE what we BELIEVE.

So why not use that to your advantage? Why not step up to the plate and realize that today is like every other challenge in your life to this point. You stepped up, and you WON. You are unstoppable. Declare that TODAY is the day that you FOREVER live in HOPE. I believe in your greatness.



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